By Nick Romano
August 16, 2019 at 09:16 AM EDT
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James Corden held his own Nailed It-inspired challenge on The Late Late Show Thursday night, complete with Nailed It host Nicole Byer.

The challenge? Three of Corden’s late-night talk show staffers replicate a professionally rendered James Corden cake. One of these staffers is Lawrence, who you might remember was the guy who remained in a room until he binged all of Game of Thrones in one sitting.

The cakes, actually, didn’t come out all that bad, even though Corden bashed all of them. Well, Olivia’s was indeed “disrespectful,” as Byer deemed it.

With additional help from guest Michael Douglas, Byer selected a winner: Jenna, the music associate producer who threatened to not come into work the next day if she lost. Guess it worked out for everyone… except Lawrence and Olivia.

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