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The ‘bitches’ conspired against her.

Kathryn Dunn’s biggest fears were realized when she was voted out of the Big Brother house on Thursday’s live eviction episode. After her alliance-mate Cliff made a final six deal to keep himself in the game, Kat was voted out 6-1, receiving only the vote of Jessica (who was also discarded by Cliff for his new alliance) to stay.

We caught up with Kat on the way to the jury, and asked the 29-year-old digital marketing executive about her feelings in terms of Cliff making a deal behind her and Jessica’s back, her thoughts about how the voting went down, her reaction to Michie spilling the beans about her and Holly knowing each other before the game, and all that conspiring.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How upset where you went you heard that Cliff had cut a deal for the final six that would help send you out the door and also did not include Jessica?
KATHRYN DUNN: Gosh, I don’t know how dramatic I came off in that scene, so I’m a little nervous to answer to be honest! I guess the biggest disappointment was because me, Cliff, Jess, and Nicole all sat down for a meeting, and we all agreed that no matter what happened, at least three of us would be moving forward in the game together and have each other’s backs and still try to make that underdog story happen. And I really believed in that plan, whether it included me or not.

So I guess my emotions during that moment didn’t exactly reflect how I personally felt, it was more it didn’t include the plan that he had told me, which in my head at the time, made me feel like he was just lying to us to get ahead and take advantage of all of our individual emotions that we had felt as they called us “bottom feeders.”

How did you feel about his reaction when you called him out about the deal he made and told him repeatedly how disappointed you were with him?
I mean, I didn’t expect him to react any certain way. I know Cliff is a dealmaker and he is a savvy player who is really just there for himself, as we all are. He and I had a relationship that we were very close, and he was one of my closest allies in the house and I consider him to be a lifelong friend, so I guess seeing that side of him, when it was on the opposing side of me, really hurt.

You pointed out in your speech before the voting how Cliff had won challenges and had an incredible social game and would make new deals to save himself. Why do you think that didn’t resonate with the other players?
Because eviction speeches don’t matter! At the end of the day, people already know who they’re going to vote out. Really they decide that the day before. However, the last time I was on the block, I know a lot of things flipped around and I was about to get evicted. In that case, it was very much a last-minute decision. However, this week it was already decided. They had already shook on the plan, and there was really nothing I could say that would change anyone’s mind. So the point of my speech wasn’t really to change anyone’s mind, it was more just to shake things up before I left.

You only got one vote to stay. Who did you think that one person was and why?
Well, Jess told me it was going to be her. I hope and think it was. But then again, I don’t see everything that everyone sees, so I could’ve gotten completely blindsided. But Jess did tell me she was going to vote for me no matter what.

Which votes are you most disappointed about that you think you did not get?
I knew how it was gonna shake out. I was a little shocked after I heard the whole thing about the deal that was made. I knew there was no hope moving forward. However, I had never had a vote cast against me before that, so I did have a little bit of false hope and maybe sense of security that maybe people liked me enough, they would see my side of things, and they would vote to keep me. Honestly, I’m kind of upset about everyone!

I’m slightly hurt about Michie and Holly, just because me and Holly were very close and Holly was my final two. But at the end of the day, given the turbulent relationship Michie and I had, and also they couldn’t really cast a vote for me because it would completely set them apart from the rest of the house — I totally get it. So I’m not upset about it. I think they would’ve voted for me if things had been different.

What was your reaction when you heard that Michie let the cat out of the bag that you and Holly knew each other before the game?
I wasn’t surprised. I’m not going to play the victim here because I’m the one that told him we knew each other, which was a horrible game move on my part. But I also am an open book and I always kind of say what I mean and at the beginning of the season, I really trusted him. And I still felt safe with that information because I knew he was also close with Holly, so I didn’t think he would tell anyone. But he also put a false sense of trust in Jack. It definitely hurt my game because I’m now evicted.

If you could change one thing about your game and the way you played, what would it be?
I guess I don’t really know where I went wrong. Let me think. Part of my game at the beginning was to kind of fly under the radar and not come across as a threat and play dumb and act like I didn’t really know what I was doing. But my ego ended up getting the best of me, and once everyone started calling me stupid and not seeing me as a competition threat, I started showing who I was and standing up for myself a little bit more.

Which is great, but then people started seeing me more as a competition threat and they didn’t really know what to make of me. So maybe I should’ve played that role up a little bit more, and I would’ve made it a little farther. However, the other side of me wishes I’d showed my sassy, savage side the entire time because I didn’t really tell everyone what I was thinking until the very last day because I didn’t have anything to lose.

Finally, I know you were very concerned about “bitches conspiring against” you…
First of all, that was absolutely a joke that I thought was funny. I don’t know how it was portrayed, but it was, like, day one and I just thought it would be funny to walk into the room and be like, “So are you bitches conspiring against me?” Because I didn’t really think people were conspiring against me on day one, but maybe they were. I don’t know. I wasn’t one of those people gaming from day one — I was just having fun at first.

So in the end, which “bitches” were conspiring the most?
All of them, honestly! Gosh, I think probably Christie and Tommy and Sis are super-dangerous in the game, and by dangerous I think they’re playing a really great game. Nick is dangerous to a point — I can’t decide if Nick is dangerous or if he is such a bad player that he thinks he’s good. He thinks he’s the puppet-master of the house, but he’s not. He’s just like stirring things up and running around and running his mouth. I know he had a lot to do with the deal that was made with Cliff and why I ended up getting evicted.

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