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Fresh off the life-changing reunion photo that Rachel Bilson posted when she ran into her former O.C. co-star Adam Brody at the airport, we’ve rounded up Seth and Summer’s five greatest moments. For those who don’t know, Brody and Bilson played Seth and Summer on Fox’s hit drama The O.C. from 2003 to 2007, and viewers quickly fell in love with their unlikely love story: Seth was the comic book-loving nerd. Summer was the popular girl. He named his boat after her. She had no idea. And yet, the two created a truly epic romance.

Here are a few of their greatest moments:

Cohen 2

The poem

Even though we’d come to find out years later that Taylor Townsend actually wrote this poem, that didn’t take away from the magic that was Seth revealing his love to Summer in his own special way: He’d memorized a poem she’d recited in the sixth grade. She wanted to be a mermaid and make friends with all the fish, and he just wanted to love her! The sweet gesture led Summer to do something she’d never done before: Kiss Seth Cohen!

Cohen 1

The coffee cart confession

“Acknowledge me now or lose me forever.” Seth certainly wasn’t the coolest guy in school — far from it, actually — but he loved Summer, and as he stood on a coffee cart and told everyone at school that they were dating, he gave her an option: Go public with their love or lose it. (Spoiler: She chose the former.)

Cohen 3

Spider-Man kiss

For a comic geek like Seth, there was nothing more perfect than his season 2 reunion with Summer: After they spent some time apart and dated other people, she showed up at his house on the rainiest day of the year to find him hanging upside down — he’d fallen off the roof — and decided to help Cohen live out what was undoubtedly one of his fantasies.

Cohen 4

“You’re my destiny, Cohen”

Season 4 was rough for Seth, Summer, and, well, everyone. Losing Marissa Cooper made everyone question what they were doing with their lives, and as much as Summer loved Seth, she struggled without her best friend. But toward the end of the series, even as she set off on a mission without him, she made sure that Seth knew that nothing had changed between them with a simple, “You’re my destiny, Cohen.” And he was.

Cohen 5

The wedding

The O.C. series finale saw the couple get their happily-ever-after as Summer walked down the aisle — with all the attitude she was known for — and married Seth. And to think that years before she had invited Ryan to Holly’s beach house…

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