Will Ferrell, as his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy, pulled off a massive takeover of late-night TV on Thursday.

In one night, he appeared across The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Conan — and he brought stand-up routines to each of them.

This was all done to promote the premiere of the new season of The Ron Burgundy Podcast on iHeartRadio.

These segments must’ve filmed in advance, being that Colbert, Fallon, and Meyers host their shows in New York City, while the others are based in California. But, it was a sight, nonetheless.

Most of his stand-up sets bombed, but the former Channel 4 newsman who’s “kind of a big deal” kept on rambling about how much he hates PayPal, how the phrase “like to party” confuses him, and how people visiting from out of town should stay out of town.

For Late Night, he brought a puppet to try out some ventriloquism comedy with J.J., a hipster dummy from Brooklyn. For Conan, he brought a trunk filled with stuff, like a “mouse pad” (a plastic mouse living inside a mini house).

Burgundy also sat down on each of their couches for an interview, regaling Colbert about how The Ron Burgundy Podcast could’ve been named Catherine’s Ode to Catherine and staring down alligators in a zoo animal segment with Corden.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Season 2 of The Ron Burgundy Podcast premiered Thursday with an interview between Burgundy and Sen. Kamala Harris.

Other guests will include Brooke Shields, historian and political commentator Doris Kearns Goodwin, and feminist activist Gloria Steinem.

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