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Impractical Jokers

Since 2011, Joe Gatto, Brian “Q” Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and James “Murr” Murray have been fearlessly humiliating themselves for the general public’s enjoyment on their hidden-camera TV show Impractical Jokers, in which they compete to embarrass one another… or at least to avoid embarrassment.

While the core mechanic of the show — “If you refuse, you lose” — provides hilarity in and of itself, it’s the Jokers’ combination of chemistry, improv, and willingness to commit that has allowed the show to flourish. Over the years, the comedic quartet have had more than a few belly-laugh-inducing moments. Here are some of the best ones.

Opening for Imagine Dragons

After tying for last place, Sal and Joe are forced to be the opening act at a stadium-filled Imagine Dragons concert — despite the fact that neither of them plays an instrument. What’s more, they still have to do and say whatever Murr, Q, and members of Imagine Dragons tell them to.

Cutting the line for Broadway tickets

In one of Jokers’ seemingly more difficult challenges, the foursome are tasked with cutting a hundreds-long line for discounted Broadway tickets. What followed was an iconic “LARRY!” moment, as well as a shockingly successful strategy employed by Q.

Murr goes skydiving

Murr has a phobia of heights, and in particular, skydiving. Therefore, the other Jokers reason, that should be his punishment. What follows is a punishment that, if it weren’t in the context of a lifelong friendship and a television-contractual obligation, would be straight-up cruel. Fortunately, both Murr and his friendship with Joe, Q, and Sal, survive.

Three Jokers get inked

In a triple punishment, Joe gets to choose tattoos for Q, Murr, and Sal. None of the three know what the tattoos are until they’re revealed on camera. For Q, it’s a cat captioned “38. Lives alone. Has 3 cats.” For Murr, a ferret skydiving, to commemorate his recent excursion. And for Sal, just because, a photorealistic portrait of Jaden Smith.

Murr gets shaved

Murr has to have his eyebrows, head, and beard shaved, and then take his driver’s license photo. It’s just diabolical!

Strip high-five

In this glorious punishment, Murr and Joe have to compete getting high fives from complete strangers — with the catch being that for every failed high five, they must take off a piece of clothing. The game only ends when one Joker has… no more clothes to take off.

Stuck in an elevator

As proven by Murr’s skydiving punishment, the Jokers have a knack for exploiting each other’s fears and pushing each other’s buttons. Sal isn’t the best with germs, and for this punishment, the other Jokers trap him in an elevator with a sick person and a woman with a hairless cat — who, unbeknown to him, are actors. Watching Sal freak out is funny, but watching the other Jokers mess with him from outside the door is even funnier.

Sal has to watch a naughty video in public

In perhaps the most wince-worthy punishment of the series, Sal has to watch an adult movie in a crowded coffee shop with his speakers at full volume, drawing lots of disapproving looks from angry strangers. Sal getting stuck in an elevator was a mild nuisance. Getting a Jaden Smith tattoo was a bit painful and permanent, but ultimately pretty funny. But having to profusely apologize to a nun who thought you were voluntarily watching triple-X content in a public space? Probably Sal’s most humiliating moment of the show, full stop. Maybe his entire life. And we owe it all to the other Jokers.

Impractical Jokers airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on TruTV.

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