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The bromance is officially dead. Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie were best buds in the Big Brother house this summer, but then they had a brodown throwdown after Jack spilled the beans that Michie told him Holly and Kat knew each other before the game.

The news tore through the house and ripped apart the Six Shooters alliance. Adding insult to busted-alliance injury, Jack and Michie were put on the block against each other by HOH Jessica. But while Michie seemed to the one on the outs of the house, it was Jack that was evicted on Thursday’s live episode by a vote of 6-2.

Does Jack regret telling the alliance about what Michie said? Does he still think Holly, Kat, and Michie knew each other before the season? And whom is he rooting for now that his game is over? We caught up with the Aquaman wannabe via email on his way to the jury house and asked all that more, including what he has to say now about the derogatory comments he made about both Kemi and Bella while in the house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You only got two votes to stay. Does that surprise you?
JACK MATTHEWS: In all honestly, no, it doesn’t surprise me. We’ve been a house that likes to take the opportunity to vote with the house and I was with a team that was very neutral within the house. The possibility of being 7-1 wouldn’t have surprised me. And we discussed beforehand that Tommy and Christie would possibly vote with the house. I was under the impression that Jessica wanted a house vote and I was trying to be as respectful to Jessica during her HOH.

Do you regret telling everyone that Michie told you that Holly and Kat knew each other before the game?
I feel like I will be getting this question a lot. I think to live in regret is a waste of energy. You have to stand by your decisions whether they’re right or wrong. I thought about it once or twice, but I have to stand by my decision. I would have never known where Christie or Tommy’s heads were at if I didn’t make that decision.

So what do you think now? Did Holly, Kat, and Michie know each other before the game?
Oh, boy, that’s a half-million-dollar question. I still think there’s a tie there. I think the tie is behind Michie arguing with Kat the way that he does, and she forgiving him the way she does, but I could be wrong. Kat would get very emotional and her feelings would get very hurt. When Michie said it to me, he was very convincing in that they knew each other. He’s a very truthful person and I think he just hoped I wouldn’t tell anybody. I’m not sure the level of friendship or connection that Holly and Kat had coming into the game, but I think it’s a very high possibility.

When you made a comment about the proof being in the “rice pudding” while referencing Isabella, who is Asian-American, what did you mean when you said that, and what do you have to say to Bella now about that remark?
When I had made that statement, it had no correlation to Bella’s ethnicity. Knowing coming out of it that it has been tied into that, I will never be able to apologize enough for the interpretation that was given upon what I said. The reference to what I said was based on comments earlier in the evening that the diet Tommy, Christie, Michie and Kat were on, which was slop, recipes were being created of all different sorts and pudding was a new dessert that was brought up. A rice style pudding that was actually slop pudding. Looking back at it, with now the mentionings of Bella and the rice-pudding, I never made a connection until I came out of the house. And for that I am incredibility sorry to Bella if she was offended in any shape or form, as well as anybody that was offended by my statement at the time.

And, as Julie Chen pointed out on the live show, you made several derogatory comments about Kemi while in the house. What was it like to sit there and watch those play back, and how do you feel now after having watched yourself say those things?
It makes me look to myself on how I try to carry myself in the world as a person and as a human being. I’m disappointed with the message that I conveyed. I’m thankful that I’m given the opportunity to explain myself after the show. Kemi and I did not see eye to eye in this game, and there’s absolutely better ways I could have handled speaking about it. I look forward to seeing Kemi again. I’d like to apologize for what I said, though a simple apology will never be enough. I think Kemi is a wonderful person, and I do respect her very much.

Who has played the best game so far?
The Big Red Hogg has played hands-down the best game this side of the Mississippi.

Which houseguests are you rooting for now that you are out of the game?
I gotta root for the underdog in this game. If Michie can somehow pull this out, it’s going to be one heck of a deal. I gotta root for Tommy too and Big Red Hogg.

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