Suited up in their Tuesday best, rapper Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon enjoyed a pint and serenaded the audience of The Tonight Show with their rendition of The Dubliners’ “Seven Drunken Nights.”

Backed by members of in-house band the Roots, the two gave a soulful performance, with some twangs of an Irish accent here and there (we enjoyed Post’s pronunciation of “Thursday”). By the end, when the pair had the audience clapping in unison, it really felt like we were drinking with a hundred new friends at an Irish bar.

Malone and Fallon kept the classic lyrics for their performance, singing lines like, “Ay, you’re drunk, you’re drunk you silly old fool/Still you cannot see/That’s a baby boy that me mother sent to me/Well, it’s many a day I’ve traveled, a hundred miles or more/But a baby boy with his whiskers on, sure, I never saw before.”

Earlier in his appearance, Fallon challenged Post Malone to a game of beer pong, after the artist said his backstage routine included listening to Shania Twain, eating gummy bears and Cheetos, and playing beer pong.

Over the weekend, the rapper announced he would be releasing his third album in September. At the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour in New York City, Post Malone played a snippet of a new song, “Circles,” that would likely be a single on his followup to Beerbongs & Bentleys.

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