Good Boys (2019 Movie)

Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams are very good boys, based on their answers to Stephen Colbert‘s Good Boys quiz pegged to their new movie.

The stars of the new Superbad-esque comedy, from NBC’s The Office director Gene Stupnitsky, were asked questions on The Late Show like, “Have you ever sworn in front of your parents?” Surprisingly, none of them have.

“Dude, I would get in so much trouble,” 12-year-old Tremblay, soon to be the voice of Flounder in the live-action Little Mermaid, said. “I’d be dead.”

The worst any of them have done, as far as these questions are concerned, involves faking a sickness to get out of something and trying to hide their farts.

Colbert, then, tried to become a member of the Good Boys squad, which led to the kid actors teaching the 55-year-old talk-show host to do something that’s called the Whoa. Colbert falling over behind the coach proves he can’t hang. Most of us can’t, to be honest.

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Good Boys (2019 Movie)
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