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“You know what I did? I did scream.”

With those words, Meryl Streep launched one of the most meme-able moments of the second season of Big Little Lies (and her Emmy campaign). And now those words and the scream heard round the premium cable viewing world have been turned into a summer bop of epic proportions.

King Princess has transformed Streep’s lines and infamous shriek, as well as Nicole Kidman’s Celeste’s harried response “Mary Louise, please” into a dance remix titled “Mary-Luiz (Pls Pls).” Giving it a pulsing beat, King Princess has offered up a summer track that makes inventive use of one of television’s best moments of the summer season.

HBO declined to comment on the song. While Streep and Kidman’s reps did not immediately reply to response for comment, it’s clear at least some of the Big Little Lies team has heard the tune.

Both Reese Witherspoon and the official Big Little Lies social media account responded to King Princess’ Instagram post debuting the song. Witherspoon wrote, “We should all scream,” quoting Streep’s line from the show, while the official Big Little Lies show account jokingly replied, “Found my new theme song.” (Though to be honest, the current theme song is pretty irreplaceable).

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 3.52.38 PM

Excuse us while we go dance and release some primal screams….

Meryl Streep screams in 'Big Little Lies'
Credit: HBO

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