Welcome Back, Dr. Bull
Credit: David Giesbrecht/CBS

in light of Eliza Dushku’s allegations last year of a hostile work environment, Bull star Michael Weatherly is taking leadership training, while showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron has undergone coaching.

CBS President Kelly Kahl assured reporters at the Television Critics Association tour that the network took a “360 degree view of the entire situation” and while it found “no incidents, no complaints about Weatherly’s in his time at Bull,” the actor is undergoing “leadership coaching.” The coaching is in reaction to Dushku’s allegation that she was sexually harassed by Weatherly during her time on the procedural.

The actress wrote a 2,300-word account for the Boston Globe slamming her former costar, as well as Bull writer-producer Caron and CBS. The network eventually paid Dushku $9.5 million, the amount of her contract had she continued on the show as a series regular for six seasons. Dushku decided to talk publicly about the harassment after Weatherly and Caron did so first in a New York Times story.

“He was at the time remorseful and apologetic,” Kahl told reporters. “He is taking responsibility as the head of the show to make a positive place to work. We were just there last week. The entire cast and crew has undergone training before it started. They are all in good place. Glenn is undergoing leadership training.”

Asked whether Caron and Weatherly were required to do so, Kahl said, “We all agreed to it. Glenn agreed as well.”

Kahl said the training is about “how to set a positive example for everybody. Michael takes that very seriously. Glenn does as well. They want to be as strong and good and as fair leaders they can be.”

When pressed about what the decision to keep Bull says to other showrunners, Kahl added, “Everybody is receiving training now. We’ve had other situations with bad behavior. Any situation we receive information or hear something that is askew on a show, we investigate it. I can’t add a lot more to it. The expectation of our showrunners is very clear. They will run a welcoming set for everyone on it from top to bottom.”

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Michael Weatherly stars as Dr. Jason Bull, a character inspired by Dr. Phil.

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