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Mr Inbetween returns to FX on Sept. 12, and in season 2, Ray Shoesmith (Scott Ryan) continues to live in this gray area as a devoted father and boyfriend … who also works as a hitman-for-hire. But he needs to be extra careful to keep each life separate from the other.

In EW's first look images of the new season, the duality of Ray's life is evident: one moment he's reading to his daughter Brittany (Chika Yasumura) and the next, he is talking to an extortionist who is unlucky to be on his radar.

MR INBETWEEN -- Pictured: Scott Ryan as Ray Shoesmith, Chika Yasumura as Brittany. CR: Jordan Kirk/FX
Credit: Jordan Kirk/FX

Series writer and star Scott Ryan and director Nash Edgerton give insight into the Australian drama's protagonist and what fans can expect from TV's newest favorite anti-hero.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How soon after the events of that crazy season 1 finale will season 2 pick up, and what will Ray be up to?

NASH EDGERTON: We pick up a year later from season 1. Ray's relationship with Ally (Brooke Satchwell) is seemingly going well; Brittany is growing up; his brother Bruce's (Nicholas Cassim) health is declining; and Freddy (Damon Herriman) is still paying Ray to do the dirty work.

Ray is a devoted dad, a decent boyfriend, and a hired gun all at once. His lives have collided a bit already. Will they ever clash to a point where it causes troubles for him?

EDGERTON: Quite possibly, yes.

Ray lives by some sort of moral code — even though he kills people he's kind with his daughter and with tiny, helpless insects. What insight can you give into that?

SCOTT RYAN: He doesn't kill for pleasure; it's just a job.

EDGERTON: He's a complicated human, like us all. Just because he does a job that society doesn't agree with doesn't mean he is all bad.

Do you think Ray is afraid of dying? In the season finale, he dug a hole meant to become his grave like it was nothing.

RYAN: Ray didn't want to show fear, so he hid it. He didn't want to give his captor any pleasure in seeing him scared.

What's going on with Tatiana's (Lizzie Schebesta) brother (Jackson Tozer)? How's he doing and will he be back in season 2?

EDGERTON: Sadly, Vasilli doesn't appear in season 2. He is most likely hiding out back in Russia at the moment.

Ray has such a special relationship with his daughter. What insight can you give into the moment they share in our exclusive image (above)?

EDGERTON: Ray is reading Brittany a story that she finds questionable.

In a second image (below), Ray is chatting with a woman who looks terrified. What's going on?

EDGERTON: Ray is paying a young woman named Fiona a visit who he's been told is trying to extort money from an associate of Freddy's.

MR INBETWEEN -- Pictured: Scott Ryan as Ray Shoesmith. CR: Ben King/FX
Credit: Ben King/FX

Can Gary (Justin Rosniak) ever do something so awful that would make Ray find a new friend? How many times will he have to take responsibility for his porn movies and mistakes?

EDGERTON: Doubt it. Gary is very hard to dislike and Ray is pretty tolerant of his mate.

How many dollar bills do you reckon Brittany has collected from her foul-mouthed dad to date?

EDGERTON: Quite a few.

There's a huge fanbase for anti-heroes like Ray. Why do you think so many people cheer for a person like him?

EDGERTON: Because Ray deals with a lot of situations the way most people would like to deal with them.

Season 2 of Mr Inbetween premieres Sept. 12 at 10 p.m. on FX.

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