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Warning: This post contains plot from the series finale of Jane the Virgin. Read at your own risk!

A telenovela can’t end without solving all of its mysteries, and Jane the Virgin did just that. With Rose’s death in its penultimate episode, the series put an end to its central villain, but there has long been another question among the fandom: Who is the narrator? Is it someone we’ve met? Is it a member of the Villanueva family? As the finale revealed, the answer to both of those questions is yes.

At Jane and Rafael’s wedding, their son Mateo participated in a reading, and when Jane complimented him on his projection, Mateo said that he’d practiced with his great-grandmother. “She said I would be great at voiceover work,” a young Mateo told his mother just before the narrator — voiced in real-life by Anthony Mendez — chimed in and said, “And for the record, I am.”

Translation: The narrator is a grown-up Mateo, who has spent years taking us through the story of his mother’s extremely complicated life.

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