Holey Moley (screen grab) CR: ABC
Credit: ABC

Windmills are getting a lot of action on ABC these days. And the latest one to get some love is the aptly named “Dutch Courage” hole on the extreme mini-golf competition series Holey Moley.

In EW’s exclusive preview of Thursday’s episode above, contestant Allison Smith, who happens to own two mini-golf courses in Florida, takes her shot at glory on the notoriously difficult course — and makes what the commentators refer to as a “miracle” shot. Smith struggles to get through three increasingly ornate windmills, even having to stand very near the interior of the blades to make her perfect shot.

As is the way of things on Holey Moley, commentators Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore bring a humorous mock seriousness to the proceedings, treating the mini-golf contest with all the low-voiced hushes of an actual pro golf tournament. The new series also features Jeannie Mai as sideline reporter and resident golf pro (better known as a basketball champ) Stephen Curry, also an executive producer, in a contest that pits 12 mini-golfers against each other in a series of head-to-head matchups. Winners move on to the next rounds, with only three progressing to the final hole — the intimidating “Mt. Holey Moley.” Each episode crowns a winner, bestowing them with $25,000, the “Golden Putter” trophy” and a Holey Moley plaid jacket.

In addition to Smith’s miracle shot, this week’s episode pits east coast against west coast when a New Jersey contestant faces off against a Californian known as the “wizard of mini-golf,” as well as an Ed Sheeran lookalike, an effectively frightening mime in the “Distractor” portion of the show, and a suspenseful final round on Mt. Holey Moley’s zipline.

Watch the exclusive clip above for more. Holey Moley airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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