In light of the news that Days of Our Lives is launching a short-form digital series Aug. 1 on The DOOL app, focusing on Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abby (Kate Mansi) in Paris, we asked head writer Ron Carlivati to let us know what to expect from the first-of-its-kind show and why it was so important to give the soap’s characters another place to shine.

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Why do a digital series?

Carlivati and DOOL creative director and co-executive producer Greg Meng have long been talking about wanting to air original content on the app, which launched late last year and is a first for a daytime drama. “I had to come up with a concept, something to enhance the show, connect to the show, but not be totally dependent,” Carlivati says. Chad and Abigail were the most “logical” couple to start with since they had previously left the action to “work on their marriage in Paris.” The actors exited the show in February but were brought back to reprise their roles in November. “Anything I did [for the app] couldn’t step on how we were writing them back on the show,” explains Carlivati. “It had to be self-contained.”

How are the episodes made?

All eight episodes will vary in length, from six to 20 minutes. Though there could be multiple scenes in one episode, the scenes are fairly simple because the show had to use DOOL’s existing stages. So if Chad and Abigail aren’t in their Paris apartment, they’re meeting at a sidewalk cafe or in his Paris office.

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So, what’s the plot?

“They came to Paris, so you will see their trials and tribulations,” says Carlivati. To wit: Austin Reed (Austin Peck), who has a history with Abby, will show up in Paris with a broken heart. “He’s reeling from a crumbling of his marriage, so he cries on Abby’s shoulder.” Meanwhile, a woman named Juliet (Rachele Schank) will become a professional rival to Chad in the DiMera offices. That’s it for the cast! They’re short episodes, after all.

When will the episodes post?

The first three debut Aug. 1, and then one will drop each week over the next five weeks. The first eight will end in a cliffhanger.

Will every DOOL character get their own episodes on the app?

Maybe! “What’s cool is how it opens up a big pool. We can do it for any characters who are not currently on our [DOOL] canvas,” says Carlivati. “We can check in with other beloved characters who are not on the broadcast.” And yes, there’s already talk of a season 2.

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The DOOL app is now available for download in the App Store as well as Google Play.

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