Devil's Bargain

The Winchesters simply aren't complete without their 1967 Chevrolet Impala. At this point in Supernatural's run, Baby is as much a character on the show as Sam, Dean, or Castiel. (She even got her own episode in season 11.) But it turns out that back in the show's early days, Baby almost looked a bit different.

On Tuesday, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke participated in a Reddit AMA to promote his new Amazon show, The Boys, during which he answered a couple questions about Sam, Dean, and yes, Baby. When a fan asked him for a standout memory to share in celebration of Supernatural's final season — which premieres in October — Kripke responded with a "factoid."

"In the pilot, we explored adding James Bond style switches to the Impala dash — to release oil, or salt," Kripke wrote. "We might have even shot it. But then we realized that was stupid."

As fans of the show know, they ultimately decided to leave Baby (and her tape deck) alone.

Credit: Eric Ogden for EW

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