James Corden thought he spanked Jeff Goldblum good in the latest Drop the Mic rap battle on The Late Late Show this week, but then Goldblum brought up Cats and it was all over.

Just like the rest of the world, the eccentric Thor: Ragnarok actor saw the trailer for the Cats movie musical and found some new material to throw at Corden.

“I saw the Cats trailer and quickly noticed you. You were the weirdest part of it, and that’s hard to do,” Goldblum rapped. “Seeing you as a cat was completely unnerving but how you look in real life is so more disturbing. Is there any chance we can send him back to the Brits? Why did we trade Meghan Markle for something like this?”

This is the latest bit of fun for Corden and Goldblum after the two got cozy by a piano for an Ariana Grande spoof and played hide-and-seek in a stranger’s house. Drop the Mic, however, was no contest.

Goldblum continued to dominate the lyrical arena as he mocked Corden for those Crosswalk Musical bits and pulled a “Kali Ma Shakti de” from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. “When you were born, I was already 25, which means I’ve been a sex symbol longer than you’ve been alive,” he spit.

Watch the throw-down in the video above.

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