Rejoice, Mindhunters!

The first teaser trailer for season 2 of Netflix’s Mindhunter is finally here, and it features all the murder, mystery, and mayhem fans of the serial killer drama would expect.

In the trailer, FBI Agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) visit a familiar face: fan-favorite coed killer Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton). The duo, who are clearly back together after the future of the Behavioral Science Unit was left hanging in the balance at the end of season 1, visit Ed to pick his brain about a new, unknown serial killer.

“He has an overwhelming fantasy life, fantasies of what he’s done, what he wants to do,” Kemper tells them. “His dreams will consume him. Soon the real world won’t even compare.”

“How do we catch a fantasy, Ed?” Tench asks.

“If he’s any good, you can’t,” Kemper replies.

The teaser also features an unidentified woman walking slowly through a home, who discovers something horrifying in the bathroom, although it’s unclear what, or whom, she sees.

Season 2 is expected to cover the Atlanta child murders — a series of 29 murders of mostly children and teens, all African-American, that took place in the Georgia capital from 1979-81. The trailer features a few different images presumably from Atlanta.

Blink-and-you-miss-it shots of who appear to be Charles Manson, Son of Sam (a.k.a. David Berkowitz), and a masked BTK Strangler can all be seen as well. Holden is also seen in the hospital at one point.

Previously, the clip was only available to the press, but it can now be viewed above and at the show’s official interactive website — complete with other sneak peeks of the new season.

In addition to Groff and McCallany, Anna Torv, Joe Tuttle, Albert Jones, Lauren Glazier, Stacey Roca, Michael Cerveris, and Sierra McClain will all star in season 2.

Season 2 of Mindhunter drops on Netflix on Aug. 16.

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