Orlando Bloom has a new series coming to Amazon Prime, the same streaming service rebooting the Lord of the Ring.

During his Carnival Row panel at Television Critics Association summer session on Saturday, Bloom shot down a question about whether or not his character Legolas could pop-up in this new universe.

"I remember being on set with Peter [Jackson], 20 years ago now? And he was saying, 'Wouldn't it be funny to think about when they'll want to do a remake of Lord of the Rings? We were in the midst of this remarkable shoot and I said, 'No! That's never going to happen.' And here I am, working for Amazon and they're redoing it. It's great."

Orlando Bloom
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He added, "I mean look, I don't know how they're going to approach it. I haven't had any conversations about this.  I fell that I have done everything…Coming back to be on The Hobbit was a really wonderful little tip from Peter that he wanted me to come into that and it made a lot of sense. I like to think of myself as ageless but I don't know where I would fit into that world. If you're saying as Legolas, they've probably got some 19-year-old kid who is ready to go."

His co-star Cara Delevigne responded with a scream, "NO!"

Carnival Row, set to debut on Amazon Prime on August 20, was also announced to be returning for a second season.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

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