When Cameron Boyce died on July 6 from a seizure caused by epilepsy, his family, friends, and fans were left mourning the young actor, who was only 20. But Boyce’s legacy will carry on through his work, including two TV series and a movie that were completed before his death but have yet to be released.

Representatives for the three projects — the HBO series Mrs. Fletcher, the indie film Runt, and the independent TV show Paradise City — spoke to EW exclusively, sharing production images, character descriptions, and statements about what Boyce’s participation meant to each project.

Mrs. Fletcher Season 1, Episode 7 Cameron Boyce and Jackson White Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/HBO
Credit: Barbara Nitke/HBO

Mrs. Fletcher

Expected release date: Fall 2019

Synopsis: Starring Kathryn Hahn in the title role, Mrs. Fletcher is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta. The show is a dual coming-of-age story, exploring the impact of internet pornography and social media on the lives of Eve Fletcher, an empty-nest mother, and her college freshman son. The cast also includes Jackson White, Owen Teague, Katie Kershaw, Domenick Lombardozzi, Jen Richards, and Casey Wilson. (Boyce and White are pictured above.)

Statement from series creator Tom Perrotta: “Everyone involved with Mrs. Fletcher is shocked and heartbroken by the news of Cameron’s passing. He was only 20 — way too young — but he was an extraordinarily gifted and seasoned actor, and a lovely, soulful human being. I’m sure I speak for the entire cast and crew when I say that he was a wonderful friend and colleague, and will be sorely missed by all of us. We send our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.”


Expected release date: TBD (the film is currently being submitted to festivals worldwide)

Synopsis: Neglect comes in many forms. Absent, amoral, or aggressive adults can create a void where young kids too easily devolve into pain, self-destruction, or violence. Anchored by the relationship of a boy taking care of his dog when there’s nobody around to take care of him… Runt is a cautionary tale about a high school senior anxious to escape his bleak surroundings, stand up to his rivals, and survive a downward cycle of violence complicated by socio-economics, hormones, drugs, sexual assault, pride, and revenge.

RUNT Cameron Boyce CR: Erica Parise/Wagging Tail Productions
Credit: Erica Parise/Wagging Tail Productions

Boyce’s character description: Boyce plays Cal, an unpopular 17-year-old kid trying to graduate and get out of his home town as quickly as possible. His father has passed away, and he lives with his absent mother and his dog in a trailer in the Inland Empire. At the bottom of the high school food chain, he pines for the most popular girl in school, Debbie (Brianna Hildebrand), who happens to be dating the quarterback and Cal’s biggest bully, Vic (Aramis Knight), when it is Cecily (Nicole Elizabeth Berger), another loner and friend to Cal, who has been right in front of him this whole time.

Statement from producer Carl Rumbaugh: “The director, William Coakley, my producing partner, Gregory Thomas, and myself Skyped with Cameron initially while he was still shooting Desendents 3 in Canada. He had read the script and was excited to take on such a complex character. Throughout my time working with Cameron he was a complete pro on set, an excellent collaborator with a great sense of humor. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, the entire cast and crew adored him, and he will be missed dearly. His family launched a foundation in his name, that we invite everyone to learn more about.”

Paradise City

Expected release date: TBD (currently in postproduction)

Synopsis: The lives of a rock star who seems to have it all and a kid who idolizes him collide through their broken homes built by the music business.

Boyce’s character description: Boyce plays Simon Ostergaard, a teenager, aspiring singer, and DIY concert promoter who’s being raised in Virginia by his single mother (Perrey Reeves), who battles alcoholism, mainly due to the stress of Simon’s rich and famous music mogul father, Oliver Ostergaard (Ryan Hurst), who refuses to acknowledge his son’s existence. The cast also includes Bella Thorne, Drea De Matteo, Mark Boone Jr., BooBoo Stewart, Andy Black, Rhys Coiro, Fairuza Balk, Olivia Culpo, Amanda Steele, Natalie Eva Marie, Ben Bruce, Brittany Furlan, and Hopsin.

Paradise City Cameron Boyce CR: Sumerian Films
Credit: Sumerian Films

Statement from series creator Ash Avildsen: “Cameron Boyce was truly a magical soul like I have never met before on this planet. It is so rare that someone achieves all that he did at the mere age of 20, having such immense special talent yet through that crazy level of success remains so humble, charming, appreciative, kind and professional.

“He could sing, dance, act, he did it all with brilliance… and he had the gift of making you feel so excited to be hanging out with him anytime he was around. He will be forever missed and cherished as he impacted and inspired countless lives with his short time here on earth. It’s times when people like him are taken away from us at such a young age that we question everything about our existence.

“I can only choose to believe his body may be gone but his spirit is on to his next divine journey. I will be forever grateful to how Cameron made me feel on set, both while hanging out and when we were shooting. He was genuinely that wonderful of a soul.

“I chose Cameron as the very first offer I made for the co-leading male role of Simon in Paradise City thinking it would be a long shot since we were a little indie production but he was our number-one dream pick. I will never forget the moment I got the call the very next day that he loved the material and wanted to do it. He was simply an extraordinary human in every way. Thank you, Cameron.”

Paradise City Cameron Boyce CR: Sumerian Films
Credit: Sumerian Films
Paradise City Cameron Boyce CR: Sumerian Films
Credit: Sumerian Films
Paradise City Cameron Boyce CR: Sumerian Films
Credit: Sumerian Films

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