Their story has always been epic.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Hulu's Veronica Mars revival. Read on at your own risk!

Logan (Jason Dohring) and Veronica's (Kristen Bell) love — er, make that LoVe — story has always been epic on Veronica Mars. For three seasons on TV and in the Kickstarter-funded movie, their chemistry was undeniable. Even when these two wise-cracking teens weren't together, they still lit up the screen every time they shared it.

But fans of the LoVe relationship have had to endure more heartbreak than happy times, as it usually goes on good TV shows. From the beginning of the series when Logan was Veronica's cruel bully, to their tumultuous relationship plagued with issues, to their awkward encounters as exes, they have never had it easy. It took years to get to their ultimate romantic reunion in the 2014 movie, but even then their relationship was still complicated. Logan is now a high-ranking Naval Intelligence Officer, absent for long stretches of time on mysterious missions, while Veronica is back in Neptune working with her father at Mars Investigations. By the end of the movie, they're forced to say goodbye to each other again, not knowing when they'll see each other next.

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Thankfully, Hulu's Veronica Mars revival season finally gives Marshmallows exactly what they've been craving for 15 years: a long-term LoVe relationship. It may not be smooth sailing, but it gives us eight whole episodes of Veronica and Logan, together in a committed relationship (even if Logan isn't always present, and Veronica is dealing with some issues about his proposal and his progress in therapy). That's why, in hindsight, we all should have seen that finale shocker coming a mile away. Eight episodes of exactly what we want from this relationship is the biggest red flag that the ultimate heartbreak is just around the corner.

The season 4 finale (consider this your final spoiler alert!) does the unthinkable and kills off Logan in the most gut-wrenching way possible. It's a shocking moment we honestly never expected to see, and the way it changes Veronica is undeniable. She's a completely different person one year later and the season ends with her beginning a new chapter in her life, leaving Neptune and everything that happened to her in her rearview.

Instead of obsessing over that bleak-yet-optimistic ending, let's instead dwell on happier times. Below, EW looks back on all the best LoVe moments throughout Veronica Mars, including all of those new wonderful scenes Hulu added to their relationship timeline before oh-so-rudely snatching their love away. Prepare to swoon!

The beginning of a glorious, complicated relationship

The first time that Logan and Veronica showed anything other than hatred for each other happens in season 1, episode 15 when Logan hires Veronica to find his mother. He believes she faked her death, but when he discovers she actually did commit suicide, Logan breaks down in Veronica's arms. Both viewers and Veronica start to realize there's more to Logan than meets the eye, and this experience bonds them together in a way they never expected.

LoVe’s first kiss

In the 18th episode of the first season, Veronica shocks everyone (including herself and Logan) by kissing Logan after he "saves" her from someone they thought was a killer. And he kisses her back! It's passionate, confusing, and totally hot. It leads to an illicit relationship full of secret bathroom hookups that are, again, totally passionate and confusing.

Logan saves Veronica even when they’re not together

Season 2 was pretty tough to watch for LoVe lovers, as Veronica goes back to dating Duncan (Teddy Dunn) — snore — and Logan regresses to bullying her again (although who can forget that first moment when Logan tells Veronica he loves her in the season 2 premiere?!). But that doesn't stop him from saving her life whenever she needs him, like in episode 8 when she almost got an unwanted tattoo on her face from career criminal Liam Fitzpatrick (Rodney Rowland).

That “epic” speech

They may not be together, and there may not be hope for them to reunite in the future (at least, at this point), but Logan's drunken, tear-filled, and emotional speech to Veronica at the alterna-prom is one of the most romantic moments not only for the couple but also the show as a whole. It's passionate, and once again confusing (notice a theme here?), and is the most quoted line of the entire series: "I thought our story was epic, you know, you and me. Spanning years and continents, lives ruined, bloodshed. Epic." Epic, indeed.

Logan saves Veronica (again)

The chilling standoff on the roof between Veronica and Beaver (Kyle Gallner) as the truth about the bus crash, Veronica's rape, and more come out is one of the best, and most disturbing, scenes of the entire series. But Logan coming to Veronica's aid once again and holding her as she breaks down believing her father was just murdered is one of the most important moments in their relationship and sets them on a path to finally getting back together.

Logan and Veronica’s first real relationship

Season 3 begins on the happiest, most carefree note as Logan and Veronica take their relationship public. No hiding, no sneaking around, and no guilt. He even gives Veronica a key to his room! It may not last long but it's worth the wait.

Logan defends Veronica’s honor

When Logan believes that Veronica's new boyfriend Piz (Chris Lowell) was the one to leak the sex tape, he immediately runs to beat him up. It wasn't actually Piz's fault, and he soon learns his mistake, but that doesn't stop Veronica and Logan from sharing a smile and a loaded look over Logan's volatile reaction to "save" Veronica once more from the actual guy who taped and leaked the footage.

Veronica and Logan reunite

It took them seven years after that ambiguous season 3 ending, but Veronica and Logan finally reunite in the Veronica Mars movie. Sure, first V and Piz have to break up, but, once she's single, she immediately runs into Logan's arms. Their long-awaited hookup is as passionate as ever, and even though he has to leave again by the end of the movie, the reminder that their story is "epic" and the return of the big LoVe speech is enough…for now.

That grand romantic gesture

So much happens in the five years between the Veronica Mars movie and season 4 on Hulu, but at least one thing never changes: Logan and Veronica are still together when season 4 begins. They're even living together and co-parenting a dog! It's a dream come true for any LoVe fan, and it gets even better when Logan drops down on one knee to propose in the premiere episode. Yeah, Veronica rejects the proposal (girl, why?) but this still ranks up there as one of the most romantic LoVe moments of all time. Plus, all that reunion sex is just *chef's kiss*.

The roles get reversed

If you had told me before season 4 that Veronica would be the more volatile half of the LoVe relationship, I would have laughed in your face. But Hulu's revival completely switches up the dynamics of their relationship by having Logan better himself through years of hard work in therapy. He's calm, introspective, and absolutely mature in every facet of his life now, including his relationship. It's actually Veronica who needs to work out her toxic issues after goading Logan into punching a wall and having rough sex in episode 2. It's a weird moment in their relationship but absolutely deserves a spot on this list.

Sharing a bathroom

Okay, hear us out on this one. The morning after Veronica and Logan take E and dance the night away in a bar may not seem like the most romantic moment ever. He's literally showering (probably still drunk) while she pukes in the toilet next to him in episode 3. But what really delights me is the way that this scene shows how comfortable they are with each other. They've lived together for years, share a bathroom, and don't even bat an eye about puking in front of each other. I'm weirdly obsessed with this scene. Please don't read into this!

Logan’s jealousy returns

Despite all his hard work in therapy, Logan is not a "sanded-down" version of himself as Veronica claims. Just look at the way he raises his proverbial hackles when Leo D'Amato (Max Greenfield) shows up unannounced at their doorstep looking for Veronica, pizza in hand. A little of the old jealous Logan returns. It's a more mature version of his jealousy, but it's exciting to see nonetheless. It's way less toxic and damaging, that's for sure.

Veronica accepts Logan’s proposal

It took seven episodes (and one decidedly not LoVe sex dream) but Veronica finally accepts Logan's proposal, and LoVe is officially engaged! It's messy, but it will do. We've waited long enough, haven't we?!

That LoVely wedding

Mark this in your calendars because July 19, 2019, is a moment that will live in infamy for all LoVe fans. After a fake-out where it seems like Logan ditches Veronica at the altar, these two crazy kids finally get hitched. It's low-key and romantic, surrounded by only a few of the most important people in their lives at City Hall. It should be the happiest moment in their relationship, and it is…at first. They immediately go home to pack for a honeymoon. But tragedy strikes and a bomb meant for Veronica kills Logan just outside of their place. It's the shocker no one sees coming, cruelly ripping away LoVe as soon as they achieve real happiness.

The final voicemail

Before season 4 ends for good, we get one final LoVe moment a year after Logan's death. Veronica finally goes to see Logan's former therapist who sends her a voicemail that he left on the day of their wedding. It's the kind of speech that rivals his "epic" declaration, and it's the last one we'll ever get. Excuse us while we go sob some more.

Veronica Mars season 4 is now streaming in full on Hulu.

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