The name of Jean-Luc Picard’s dog has been confirmed, and it’s rather perfect.

Picard’s pooch — first glimpsed in the upcoming Star Trek spin-off’s poster and teaser photo above — is, of course…”Number One.”

Some enterprising fans (ahem) suspected this from the poster where if you zoom-in on the dog’s Starfleet insignia-shaped tag — there’s a “No. 1” on it — but CBS All Access has now confirmed that “Number One” is indeed the good boy’s name.

As much as we might enjoy Star Trek: Picard showing a retired Picard pretending to relive his glory days on a French vineyard while ordering around his pup to “make it so” like a groveling Will Riker, the series will actually follow the former Admiral back to the stars as he undertakes a dangerous mission without the help of Starfleet.

The confirmation comes as CBS revealed the first full trailer for Picard at Comic-Con, and Patrick Stewart noted the dog’s real name is De Niro.

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