As the Mayans M.C. attempt to clean-up the mess they made in season 1 of the FX series of the same name, survival is the name of the game. In the first trailer dropped by the cabler for season 2, M.C. president Bishop (Michael Irby) opens the tease with words of caution, “We’ve hit an ugly bump. We gotta do something, or lose everything.” The goal? “Nothing blows back on the Mayans,” Bishop adds.

As the trailer switches its focus to E.Z. Reyes (JD Pardo), he’s close to finding out what secrets his father Felipe (Edward James Olmos) is hiding. There are things the old man things he’s hidden away forever, but they’ll resurface — as most secrets tend to do.

“It’s about mom, I know who killed her,” EZ tells his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas).

The tension between the siblings is dangerous, since not only are they brothers born of the same parents, but also brother in arms as Angel is a fully patched member of the M.C.

“This s— with you and Angel, work it out,” Bishop tells EZ, who is still only a prospect. The problem is, EZ had bigger dreams for his life once upon a time and he doesn’t even want to be in the club.

As he ponders his next move, El Coco (Richard Cabral) gives EZ a stern warning.

“It’s a line, cross it and there ain’t no walking back,” he says.

The trailer also gives a look at what’s ahead for Galindo (Danny Pino) who is spending a lot of time with Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) much to his wife Emily’s (Sarah Bolger) chagrin.

“If you bring the other world into this, you undermine all the work you’ve done to go legitimate,” Emily tells Galindo.

Mayans M.C. returns with its sophomore season Sept. 3 on FX. (Before that, the series will head to San Diego Comic-Con for a panel on Sunday, moderated by Entertainment Weekly‘s own Lynette Rice.) Watch the full trailer above.

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