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Before he was Christine Baskets on FX’s Baskets, Louie Anderson hosted Family Feud. On the latest episode of PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing, Anderson sat down with host Lola Ogunnaike to discuss his memories of his time hosting the iconic reality TV competition.

But before he was the host of Family Feud, Anderson was a fan. He told Ogunnaike about his memories of watching the show with his parents as a kid.

“I’d be on the arm of the couch, my dad would be in his chair, and my mom would be in the kitchen, and we’d be playing Feud,” he said. “And my dad would go, ‘look at [original host Richard] Dawson slobbering all over the women!’ And my mom would go, ‘I think he’s nice.’ ‘You would think he’s nice.’ You know, that kind of a thing.”

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It wasn’t just Anderson’s family who would have spats inspired by Family Feud, though. During his own time on the show, Anderson told Ogunnaike that he would overhear arguments during commercial breaks.

“‘I hope you got a ride home, Carl!'” Anderson said, quoting a typical fight. “‘Chicken.’ What a dumb answer, Carl!”

Watch the clip above.

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