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Don’t mess with Kemi Fakunle. That became pretty clear early in this season of Big Brother. But contestants had no problem messing with people that wouldn’t dish it back. That’s why Kemi — who was ousted along with Ovi and David on Thursday night — thinks Isabella and Nick decided to target folks like Nicole instead.

That’s what Kemi told us when she called into EW Live (SiriusXM, channel 109) on Friday to discuss her exit from the house. And that’s not all she told us. She also weighed in on Jack complaining about her water bottle being in the fridge, and that big HOH room party she and others were not invited to. We also asked Kemi if she thought the fact that the first three people put into Camp Comeback were people of color was merely a coincidence or something more sinister. Read on to see what she had to say about that and more. (Also make sure to read our exit interviews with Ovi and David.)

EW RADIO: What happened with you and Isabella? You were very close with her early on but then she sold the Black Widows’ alliance out and it kind of went downhill from there.
KEMI FAKUNLE: Yeah, the first time I identified Bella as someone that I couldn’t trust was the day of the veto ceremony when Sam did not use the veto on me. I had a conversation with Michie earlier that day and then I told Bella about the conversation in confidence because she was the only one that I was close with in the house. And then I walked in on her telling Michie exactly what I said. So that’s when I identified that I couldn’t trust her. And then I find out that because of that, she and Nick wanted me out of the house.

So I quickly identified that they’d been playing both sides of the house, but had also been being more loyal to the other side of the house than me. And as far as I’m concerned, if you’re not loyal to me, it’s ridiculous for you to expect me to be loyal to you. So if my game’s going down, so is yours.

A lot of people were calling her out for bullying. Do you think she or anyone else were bullying others in the house?
I think bullying is a very strong word. I do think that, and I’ve expressed this in the house, that there are ways that people have talked to and treated some people in the house that they view as being weaker than them, that they would never treat other people in the house. So, for example, the way that Bella spoke with Nicole, she would never speak to me like that. The way Nick spoke to Nicole, he would never speak to me like that.

Why? Because you would go after them?
Because I would give it right back. Whereas Nicole has a personality that is very different than mine. And even in the conversations that Nick and I had after my eviction speech, he approached it with much more anxiety and was very nervous, whereas he approached Nicole in a more aggressive manner. And those two conversations just speak to his character alone. Like, you’re preying on someone that you view as being weaker than you, whereas me, someone that you see as maybe being stronger than you, or at least you know, a formidable opponent, you would never speak to me like that. And I just think that that’s so sad.

What is your take on Jason Momoa… I mean, Jack? He was even criticizing the way you put your water bottle in the fridge.
So here’s my take on that. I think that Jack wasn’t satisfied with the fact that he took me out of the house. I think he wanted me to be visibly upset about it and the fact that I wasn’t really grinded his gears. I take pretty much everything in stride. I’m not someone who gets sad about things and lets people know it. I just don’t think that’s the way people should go about life. I think that if you have a stiff upper lip and all that, like just chill out a little bit. But Jack wanted to see me upset and the fact that he didn’t infuriated him.

That’s like the textbook definition of a bully.
Yeah, I think that he’s definitely egocentric. I don’t want to be the one to call him a bully ‘cause I haven’t seen the show back. I didn’t feel bullied because I think we could definitely go toe to toe if he should ever say anything to me.

Can you just tell us what the vibe in the house was like the day when everyone was in the HOH room and they were all talking and not letting anyone in? It was super cliquey. As a viewer, we were all watching that and being like, “Oh, this is terrible to watch.” What was it like in the house?
It was extremely uncomfortable. So it started with what sounded like a blowup, and then it turned into like an eruption of laughter and like a party upstairs. But I know that Nicole mentioned that she tried to get into the room and no one let her in, or maybe slammed the door in her face. I’m not really sure. It was just really uncomfortable, especially being that we had family dinner — I’m using my air quotes right now — a few moments later and there were some slight jabs being said about Nicole at the family dinner. It was just awkward.

I mean, I didn’t care too much because I had just given that eviction speech so I wasn’t going up to the HOH regardless. So I had no business up there. I really didn’t want to participate in any of it. But I really felt that for Nicole because I know that she felt that it was directed towards her and I’m sure that it was

Before we let you go, it was pretty inescapable to notice that the first three people put in Camp Comeback were people of color. Do you think that race played any issue in terms of you and David and Ovi all being targeted as the first three people out of the game?
It’s hard to say, but yeah, I mean, it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s definitely disappointing. There was definitely an in-group vs. out-group feeling in the house and I mean, I really don’t know. I don’t want to say something without being certain about it, but we definitely felt a presence in the house that we weren’t a part of.

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