“Was it worth it?”

That’s the question that Elliot Alderson is faced with the first teaser for the fourth and final season of Mr. Robot, which can be viewed above.

After winning the Best Actor Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek is back to say goodbye to the role and series that put him on the map. According to USA, the final installment of Mr. Robot will take place over Christmas 2015 and “be filled with hacking, splashed with blood and answer the series’ most pressing questions.”

Speaking to EW from the set of the drama in March, Malek discussed creator Sam Esmail’s surprise decision to end Robot earlier than expected. “I trust Sam implicitly, so if that is the way he thought he could close out this story line, then I’m with him,” said Malek. “I can say this, it is a very impactful, emotional, and I think clearly well thought out way to end this story and this series. It’s remarkable. I’m in awe of the man and what he has done this season.”

Mr. Robot returns later this year to USA.

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