Fans of Henry Cavill will appreciate another look at his wig game in Netflix’s latest photo from The Witcher. Gamers, meanwhile, will be thrilled to finally see a live-action Roach, trusty steed of Geralt.

The streaming giant debuted an onslaught of first-look images for its fantasy series based on the Witcher videogames and books at the beginning of the month. But the character rollout of Cavill’s Geralt (the titular monster hunter known as a Witcher), Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer (a sorceress), and Freya Allan’s Ciri (a mysterious young girl) did not come with the best horsey this side of The Continent.

Even Netflix had fun with that fact in revealing the animal companion on Tuesday: “You begged, we delivered. Here’s your first look at Roach!”

The fact that fans have been asking for a look at Roach shows how much love they have for The Witcher’s ride in the games. When you spend so much time traversing treacherous terrain with one living being, you get attached.

In the world of The Witcher, The Continent is a fantasy land filled with demons from an alternate dimension. Enter The Witchers, a breed of demon killers. In the games, Geralt named all of his horses Roach, though he prefers mares. It’s in the third game where there’s only one horse… and he’s such a good horse.

The Witcher will be coming to San Diego Comic-Con this coming week, but the arrival of Roach will hold us over.

“The road is long to San Diego. The good news is, on her worst day, Roach beats the company of Men, Elves, Gnomes and even Dwarves,” Cavill wrote on Facebook. “She’s not always easy, but she knows more than most and cares just enough to be the only kind of company worth enjoying.”

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