It’s vitally important to ensure authenticity when depicting a culture on screen, even when that culture is frogs. Fortunately for the team behind Disney Channel’s Amphibia, they have access to the world’s most famous frog, who was only too willing to offer his input. Unfortunately, that input wasn’t as useful as they may have hoped.

In this exclusive video, Kermit the Frog pays a visit to the Disney Television Animation offices to serve as “frog consultant” on Amphibia. The animated series follows the adventures of a teen girl (voiced by Brenda Song) who is transported to the magical world of Amphibia, a marshland populated by frog people. (Fun fact: “Amphibia” is also the name of Kermit’s signature fragrance from the mid-90s.)

The video follows Kermit as he gives “advice” on story lines, casting, and character design. Why the quote marks? The frog’s advice proves surprisingly (and hilariously) unhelpful: He demands to know why he wasn’t approached for a role in the series, pitches the plot of the original Muppet Movie by mistake, and his main story note is simply “more frogs.” It’s no wonder he can’t find anyone to validate his parking.

Amphibia is currently airing on Disney Channel. You can check out the full video above.

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