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Each week, Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner will answer a few questions about the latest activity in the BB21 house. In this second installment, she talks about that creepy-crawly challenge with the snakes, the death of Sam’s grandpa, and Cliff’s big mouth.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The snake challenge was pretty amazing. Did you have to reassure the houseguests off-camera that none of them will bite?
ALLISON GRODNER: Actually, it was the exact opposite. We had to warn the houseguests that the snakes could bite. Anything with a mouth can bite but they were told that these snakes were not venomous. Even so, I will admit that I could not go anywhere near the snake set. Eeks!

Did Sam show any interest in leaving so he could go to his grandfather’s funeral? You would let him leave the game, right?
Sam’s wife made it clear in her letter that she wanted him to stay and play but ultimately it was up to Sam what he wanted to do. No one is trapped in the BB house against their will.

Does Cliff even have a morning audience to talk to on the feeds? Has anyone done this in the past, carry on his/her own conversation to the feed watchers?
There have been many people who address the feeds directly. I think James, Josh, and Paul all had some sort of a morning talk show just like Cliff. Mike Boogie made use of talking to the camera early on in our run but Cliff is the only one who has been caught by the houseguests spilling strategic secrets and it may have serious consequences to his stay in the Big Brother house.

Do you ever wish you could advise the HGs to maybe tone down their celebrations when they win HOH because it will give away alliances?
I would never ask them to tone it down as it is completely up to them how they hide or expose their alliances. It is moments like these that have made people targets in the game and it is always surprising that the HGs don’t learn from that. You also have to remember that winning HOH is a big deal and many people are simply celebrating their safety and the opportunity to see and hear from their family.

Big Brother 21 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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