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Warning: This article contains spoiler’s from Tuesday’s episode of The 100, “What You Take With You.” Read at your own risk!

It’s official: Henry Ian Cusick has left The 100.

After six seasons of playing villain-turned-hero Marcus Kane, the Lost alum exited the series in Tuesday’s episode, “What You Take With You.” It was a move that many feared was coming, as the actor was recently cast in a lead role on the CBS series MacGyver. While Cusick had played recurring roles on Fox’s recently canceled The Passage and ABC’s axed Marvel show Inhumans in the past while simultaneously starring on The 100, his lead role on MacGyver signaled that his time on The 100 was drawing to a close.

And Kane’s final scene in this week’s The 100 left nothing to the imagination, as after he woke up in the new body (played by Greyston Holt) that Abby (Paige Turco) put his mind in without his consent, he decided he couldn’t live with the guilt of causing someone’s death just so he could live. He committed suicide by “floating” himself, a.k.a. the way he carried out executions back on the Ark in season 1 by tossing humans out into space.

While Holt had played the character of Kane for two episodes (and Cusick already technically filmed Kane’s “death” by playing his empty corpse lying on the operating table in the episode prior), Cusick returned to play him in the final moments, showing the character’s true face for his traumatic death scene. It was a full-circle moment for a character who had come so far from his militaristic days in early seasons, and a heartbreaking end for the person who had become the moral center of the series.

Cusick confirmed his exit from the show while live-tweeting the episode. “All things end and [that] was Kane’s,” he wrote.

The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg also confirmed Cusick’s exit in his own tweets. “We will miss him,” he wrote.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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