The Society SEASON, 1 EPISODE 3 PHOTO CREDIT Seacia Pavao/Netflix PICTURED Kathryn Newton
Credit: Seacia Pavao/Netflix

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season 1 finale of The Society. Read at your own risk!

Get ready to return to the town of New Ham, because Netflix just renewed The Society for a second season.

The buzzy teen sci-fi drama that puts a modern spin on Lord of the Flies will return in 2020, with production on the new season set to begin later this year. That means Netflix wants to know what that crazy cliffhanger means just as much as you do!

The first season of the YA series, which debuted back in May, explored what would happen if teenagers were left on their own. After a school trip is canceled, the group of affluent East Coast high schoolers (including Big Little LiesKathryn Newton, above) return to their town of West Ham to discover everyone else has disappeared. The town (but no one else in it) has seemingly been transported to the middle of nowhere, the internet doesn’t work, and their survival relies on their ability to create a new society called New Ham. Some teens strive to build a democracy, others push for a dictatorship or a military state. Some even create organized chaos for their own gain.

Ordinary teen social dynamics explode into thoughtful sociopolitical experiments and arguments throughout the first season. There was murder, sex, romance, mystery, and political intrigue. Plus, the looming supernatural issue of whether they’ve been transported to an alternate dimension hangs over the series with the promise of even more WTF moments like the season 1 ending cliffhanger that showed the original town of West Ham and all the adults and children still alive a year after the teens disappeared. The adults have seemingly memorialized the disappeared teens, but the question remains of which adults knew that the teens were going to disappear and who was responsible.

That cliffhanger end tag was the first time The Society showed any signs of the outside world, confirming what the teens wondered all season: the real world still exists. They’re just not in it anymore. But did that dog wandering the streets somehow travel from New Ham to West Ham? Or was it a different (but seemingly identical) dog? So many questions!

And with the season 2 renewal, answers are (hopefully) coming. But no matter if they come this season or later, at least we know we’re guaranteed a full season of Grizz (Jack Mulhern) and his philosophical musings.

The Society season 1 is streaming in full on Netflix.

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