Thanks to MSCHF Internet Studios, you can now watch the latest season of 'Stranger Things' and so much more at work without your boss suspecting a thing.
Credit: Netflix

Picture this.

The new season of Stranger Things has just been released. You are inordinately excited to be able to catch up with your favorite kids from Hawkins, Ind. You weren’t able to binge the whole thing over the Fourth of July weekend because…life. You’ve been yearning to catch up, but you’re unable to because you’re literally at work all the time. And now you’re suffering from huge FOMO because you have to avoid spoilers and lunch conversations about it for the foreseeable future until you catch up. But do you know when you’ll find time to catch up? No, because you’re still at work.

Sound familiar? It does? Well, it must be your lucky day because it is now possible to watch Netflix at work and make it look like you’re being super productive all at the same time. And you have the new Chrome extension Netflix Hangouts to thank.

Created by MSCHF Internet Studios, the Netflix Hangouts extension is designed to make watching Netflix in plain sight — specifically in a business setting — as seamless and as easy as possible. To access it, you first need to add the extension. Once that’s done and you’re ready to watch, open a Chrome browser and then go to Netflix. Pick the show (perhaps The Office or Friends before they leave the streaming service!) or movie you want to watch, hit play, and then click on the Netflix Hangouts extension in your browser menu. The extension will produce a phony, four-way conference call comprised of three imposter colleagues and your show/movie of choice.

Netflix Hangouts handout photo
Credit: Netflix Hangouts

It’s brilliant, really. So brilliant that it just might work — unless of course, your boss is in fact caught up on Stranger Things and knows exactly what the back of Steve Harrington’s head looks like. Or they obviously notice that the other three people you’re talking to don’t even go here.

As Hopper told Joyce, I want you to feel safe. So happy — and sneaky — viewing!

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