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CBS revealed a first look at its Love Island villa on Monday complete with a lavish pool, lounging areas, and so many hearts and flowers the set looks like Valentine’s Day exploded. For fans of the U.K. version, it all relatively similar, though sharp-eyed fans will notice one telling difference: The show’s typically debaucherous bedroom graffiti has been significantly toned down.

In both versions of the show, the Islanders couple up with their partners and sleep in beds surrounded by neon-colored messages. Though in the U.K. edition the literal writing on the wall is very different than the U.S. version.

For instance, here’s a not-so-subtle bedroom wall from a season of the British version:

Credit: ITV2

If that wasn’t quite explicit enough, there was also this more detailed (and rather exhausting sounding) command nearby:

Credit: ITV2

And here’s a similarly authoritative Australian version:

Credit: ITV2

Another U.K. wall that urged Islanders to play the field a bit:

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 11.28.40 AM (2)
Credit: ITV2

Even the makeup area was not immune to U.K. Love Island‘s almost subliminal suggestions to its cast:


So by comparison, what do the walls of the new CBS villa in Fiji say?

Basically: Just go to sleep!

Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

And the rather emotionally supportive:

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 11.34.20 AM (2)

There’s also a “Glam It Up!” in the makeup area.

CBS also revealed its more private bedroom hideaway, which has an ’80s mall food court vibe and perhaps could be described as sexy if all the lights were off:

Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

Here’s a video with a full walkthrough of the CBS villa:

Previously, executive producer spoke to EW about whether the reality dating sensation would be toned down for the U.S. market.

“CBS very much supports the show that’s been a hit elsewhere,” he says. “We want to make sure the show is the show. It’s an aspirational, sexy, fun summer show. And the U.K. show has become less provocative and more broad appeal over time … We have to conform to broadcast standards, so what happens with language and — to some extent — what we see visually will be a little different because of the platform we’re on.”

Love Island premieres on CBS with a 90-minute episode on Tuesday.

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