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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Stranger Things season 3. Read at your own risk!

Season 3 of Stranger Things may only be eight episodes but a whole lot goes down: Evil Russians, first love, oh, did I mention that monster made from melted people? And that’s just the beginning. There’s a lot to remember and a whole town of people to keep track of, so if you’ve come to the end of your binge and find yourself needing a refresher on the fates of your favorite (or most feared) citizens of Hawkins, Indiana, we don’t blame you. In fact, we’ve compiled just that thing! Read below for a quick run through of how things shake out for the Stranger Things gang and where they land by the end of the third season. (SPOILERS, OF COURSE)

Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder): Our matriarch packs up the Byers house and moves her sons and Eleven (!) out of Hawkins, which, honestly: it’s about time. She is probably really regretting not going to Enzo’s with Hopper when he first asked.

Jim Hopper (David Harbour): We’re led to believe Hopper dies when Joyce turns the keys to stop the machine from opening the Gate and he’s trapped out on the platform next to it as it explodes. HOWEVER, in a post-credits scene taking place in a Russian prison, an officer references an unseen prisoner referred to as “The American.” So, don’t give up hope just yet, people.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown): El’s powers are mysteriously gone (for now) and she’s grieving the loss of Hopper, but she tells Mike she loves him and is getting far away from Hawkins for a fresh start as the newest member of the Byers family. What a rollercoaster of emotions!

Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard): Mike seems in fairly good spirits for a teenager who has to say goodbye to both his girlfriend and best friend at the same time. He promises El he’ll come visit at Thanksgiving, and she’ll come see him over Christmas. He does, however, need a big hug from his mom, so maybe some of those good spirits were really him putting on a brave face.

Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer): She and Jonathan share a teary goodbye as he leaves Hawkins with his family, but the two agree that they’ve survived worse. Also, Nancy sort of killed her boss and co-worker, so her future employment situation at the Hawkins Post is a bit up in the air.

Steve Harrington (Joe Keery): Joe and his new best friend Robin talk their way into a job together at the local video rental store. His hair remains perfect.

Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo): Dustin will have to endure months of teasing about his little musical duet of The NeverEnding Story theme song with long-distance camp girlfriend Suzie. On the bright side, now everyone knows Suzie is real and she seems pretty perfect for Dustin!

Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin): Miraculously, Lucas and Max are still dating at the end of the season, despite the constant bickering and his general cluelessness when it comes to dating. He was right about needing those fireworks to fight the Mind Flayer’s monster though, so there’s that.

Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton): Jonathan is sad but ultimately hopeful that he and Nancy can make the long distance thing work as he moves away from Hawkins with his family.

Will Byers (Noah Schnapp): You’d think if anyone would want to get away from Hawkins, it would be this poor kid, but Will is the most emotional about saying goodbye to his friends and the only home he’s ever known. He promises Mike that he won’t be joining any other Dungeons & Dragons Party, he already has one. Be free, Will!

Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink): Max is dealing with the complicated loss of her step-brother Billy and still going strong with Lucas.

Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery): Oh, he’s dead. At least Billy gets a bit of a redemption story when he fights against the Mind Flayer’s possession of his mind, remembers who he really is, and protects El from the monster, sacrificing himself in the process. His final words are to his step-sister: “I’m sorry.”

Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman): After assisting Hopper and Joyce in closing the Gate and keeping the Russians at bay, it looks like our favorite paranoid ex-journalist is officially a part of the team now, huh? Hopefully, Marty’s moved to a new, more secure location and is pouring one out for his buddies Jim and Alexei.

Robin (Maya Hawke): Robin comes out to Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington and the two become best friends — she enjoys hanging out with Steve so much that she gets them a new job together at a video rental store after the Starcourt Mall closes down due to, you know, melted people monsters and secret Russian bunkers. The usual.

Erica Sinclair (Priah Sinclair): The secret math whiz and budding political scientist still refuses to admit she’s a nerd despite Dustin’s compelling argument. The boys gift her a Dungeons & Dragons set, so maybe that will change in the near future.

Mayor Larry Kline (Cary Elwes): This sleazeball was in cahoots with the Russians the entire time, and sold out Hopper and Joyce. What do you think stung more? His beatdown from Joyce outside of the Fun Fair or being hauled off in disgrace from the Mayor’s Office?

Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono): It’s a good thing Mrs. Wheeler’s almost-affair with Billy didn’t happen or she might not be around to tend to her two very sad kids (Holly is always fine, don’t worry about Holly).

Alexei (Alec Utgoff): R.I.P. you Slurpee-loving nerd! I’m very sorry that Russian thug killed you for being a traitor and you’ll never know that your cooperation with Hopper and Joyce helped save the world!

Grigori (Andrey Ivchenko): Honestly, I thought it might never happen, but the Russian murderer for hire finally, FINALLY bit it during one last showdown with Hopper, when Hopper finally got the best of him and pushed him into that giant laser gun thing. Ouch!

Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser): Dr. Owens shows up at the end of season 3 with military backup after Hopper alerts him that the Russians are opening the Gate in Hawkins. Of course, he shows up after everything goes down, but at least he’s there to clean up (and cover up!) the mess.

The Mind Flayer: This fool is back in the Upside Down where he belongs! He does not kill Eleven and his melted people monster is destroyed. Hopefully, no one tries to open the Gate and allow him to wreak havoc again, but one never knows.

The Demogorgon: Um, you guys, the Russians have their very own, fully grown Demogorgon and they’re keeping it in a super shady prison. Surprise!

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