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Is the redemption of Noah Solloway complete?

From the looks of the dramatic new trailer for The Affair‘s fifth and final season, not quite! When we left them at the end of season 4, everyone was trying to move on from Allison’s (Ruth Wilson) shocking death, while Helen (Maura Tierney) was coping with the imminent passing of her husband too. It would seem that now they’re both free agents, Noah (Dominic West) is hoping for one last shot with his ex-wife. What are we at now? His fifth chance? “I’d do anything to undo what happened,” he tells Helen in the trailer.

Additionally, Whitney is donning a white dress, ready to walk down the aisle much to Noah’s distress and Helen is striking up a new romance with a charming movie star (guest star Claes Bang). Oh, and Noah’s book is being made into a movie because no matter how terrible he is he continues to find professional success — though he does seem to be in some legal trouble (again!) too.

Elsewhere (some 20 years or so in the future), Anna Paquin (True Blood) stars as Alison and Cole’s (Joshua Jackson who, like Wilson, has also departed the series) now adult daughter Joanie Lockhart, who heads back to Montauk to try to uncover the truth about what happened to her mother. “If the lesson you take from your mother’s death is not to try, that’s a real tragedy,” Noah tells Joanie who, by her own admission, has spent her whole life trying to be the opposite of her mom so she doesn’t end up exactly like her.

The Affair‘s fifth and final season premieres Aug. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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