By Derek Lawrence
July 01, 2019 at 09:30 AM EDT

It’s days before her new Netflix special Glitter Room is released on Netflix and Katherine Ryan is really worried…about what Celine Dion will think.

“II’m a little critical of something in her life and I would hate to ever make Celine Dion mad,” the Irish-Canadian comedian admits to EW. “I hope people watching the special — Celine Dion included, because of course Celine Dion watches Netflix specials — understand all of the material comes from a place of reverence, admiration, and love.”

Despite her Dion concerns, Ryan still hopes the Canadian icon tunes in to watch her talk about her life as a single mom in England, beefs with other moms, and much more. But, there are also specific people who Ryan says should avoid Glitter Room at all costs. Below, she gives 10 reasons NOT watch her special, which is now streaming.

1. “If you are one my exes or enemies, because I’m just absolutely killing it, and I think it would be very painful and triggering for you to see that rise.”

2. “If you think women aren’t funny. I’m not on any campaign to change people’s minds — I’m not a hero. And I really just don’t have time for it.”

3. “If you’re dazzled by fabulous fashion. A lot of people are not going to be able to handle the level of fashion, the level of glitter, the level of glamour, the level of Gucci blouse that I’m respecting my audience with.”

4. “If you are R. Kelly. You get a little mention in there that you won’t like. And I also just wouldn’t want R. Kelly watching my special.”

5. “If you are using someone else’s Netflix password. I know a lot of that goes on and I don’t like it. You should get your own account and watch then. I can’t have my special accessed my nefarious means.”

6. “If you dislike the Kardashians. I’m tired of the Kardashians being targeted as women who do nothing, because, in actuality, they are very powerful CEO billionaires who do loads of things. If they were a family of men, people wouldn’t hate them — but the bums would be all that more impressive, though.”

7. “If you want to avoid Hamilton spoilers. It’s part of American history and I assumed people would know about Alexander Hamilton, but there’s a few spoilers in there. Lin-Manuel Miranda himself allowed us to talk about Hamilton in the special so I’m very grateful.”

8. “If you’re uncomfortable with women who are proud to be single mothers. I have a very unique shape of a family and I don’t think it’s a drag — I love it. You will be very disappointed, because I will show you how fun and positive it can be.”

9. “If you dislike my previous special or The Fix on Netflix. Those are pretty good indications of my vibe, so why punish yourself a third time?”

10. “If you don’t love or fully appreciate Celine Dion. I don’t want to be associated with anyone who doesn’t like Celine Dion, but also, that’s a really good flavor of what I’m about. I have my sights set on becoming something of a gay icon like Celine Dion once I’m old enough and accomplished enough. I think that’s what we’re all working towards.”

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