The 'Queen' rapper surprised Red Lobster patrons with Jimmy Fallon by serving them food

Red Lobster, Nicki Minaj‘s old friend.

Amid her appearance on The Tonight Show, the rapper returned to the restaurant chain that once employed her as a waitress, but this time she introduced Jimmy Fallon to the world of Lobsteritas and Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Minaj, 36, also shared the story about how she got fired from Red Lobster back in the day. It involved patrons who didn’t tip her and took her pen.

“I walked to the car, I banged on the car window, and I said, ‘Gimme my pen!,'” she said. Then, she started flipping them off with both hands. “And then,” she continued, “my manager fired me on the spot.”

The Queen redeemed herself when she and Fallon surprised patrons of the Times Square location by serving them food. And Fallon even got her a new pen.

Elsewhere on Thursday’s Tonight Show, the “Megatron” hip-hop star, whose new track dropped this month, confirmed “there’s definitely a new album” on the way. “I’m not putting out the date yet, but there is one,” she clarified.

Minaj also proved that she can make even the most silly freestyle raps sound cool. In a single round of Wheel of Freestyle, she was tasked with rapping a verse that featured the words “hexagon,” “yeti,” and “Edible Arrangement.” Challenge accepted.

Watch above.

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