Queer Eye star Tan France is transforming Ali Wong from baby cobra to fashion bug.

The stand-up comedian and Always Be My Maybe star is the latest celebrity to appear on France’s Netflix-backed web series Dressing Funny, the latest episode of which sees the style guru applying his tasteful sensibilities to Wong’s wardrobe.

“When I first started doing comedy, I used to dress like one of the little kids from a Missy Elliott video because I kind of wanted to desexualize myself,” Wong tells France. “I had to be secure in my comedy that people weren’t going to be distracted by me looking nice.”

The search for an appropriate outfit to meet her working mom needs starts with a print-heavy shorts-and-blouse look Wong approves of because it will allow her to “bend over and not show my dirt star,” with reference to her derrière.

Next, Wong tries on a rust-colored jumper France quickly scoffs at for giving his subject a “camel toe” before slipping into a fabulous black-and-white dress that makes her feel like she’s “going to an architecture convention” to deliver “a speech on how to design Japanese houses.”

The final look is a gorgeous sheer top with a leather skirt and cute pink boots, which excites Wong so much that she runs out of the store without paying for anything.

Watch the latest episode of Dressing Funny above.

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