By Nick Romano
June 26, 2019 at 12:02 PM EDT

Pennyworth, EPIX’s upcoming Batman prequel series, is very much about Alfred Pennyworth going all James Bond in 1960s London. But what the heck is Thomas Wayne’s role in all this? EW’s exclusive behind-the-scenes teaser sheds more light on the future daddy of the Dark Knight.

At the start of Pennyworth, Alfred, the future butler of Wayne Manor in Gotham City, is trying to leave his past as a British SAS soldier behind and start his own security guard company. It’s during his 20s when he runs into the Wayne of Wayne Enterprises who’s in need of some protection.

“He’s caught up in a covert world,” actor Ben Aldridge, who plays Thomas, says in the teaser. “Thomas Wayne is in the U.K. working for an American company as a financial foresenics analyst, or that’s what he’s posing as. And Thomas is very much in need of security. He’s uncovered this huge fraud. He’s not the guy to wield the gun himself.”

This fraud will place him in the line of sight of villains Lord Harwood, an upper-class Englishman played by Jason Flemyng, and Bet Sykes, the spirited, sadistic, and sharp-tongued cohort of Harwood played by songstress Paloma Faith.

We know what eventually happens way way way down the road, but the U.K. adventures of Alfred and Thomas in Pennyworth, executive produced by Gotham‘s Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, will commence on EPIX this July 28.

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