This is a tail of two cuties, Tom Holland and "Peter Barker."

Tom Holland is the star of Spider-Man: Far From Home and Peter Barker is the rescue dog Holland is helping find a home. This is part of the latest edition of Stephen Colbert's "Rescue Dog Rescue," a segment in which he and a celebrity guest drop a few white lies to help viewers feel more inclined to become pet owners.

Take Peter Barker. "He may look like an ordinary dachshund, but he actually gained superpowers after being bitten by a genetically modified schnauzer," Holland fibbed. "That's right, he's a dog that has gained the abilities of a different dog, and that's why his superhero name is Dog-Dog."

Colbert has done this a few times already with guests like Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke, La La Land's Emma Stone, The View's Whoopi Goldberg, and Network's Bryan Cranston. Holland's edition, being that the actor is a superhero in the movies, came with a special superhero edition with pups like "Spider-Pup," "J. Bone-ah Jameson" (after Peter Parker's Daily Bugle newspaper editor in the comics), "Black Widdle" (after Black Widow of The Avengers), and "Captain Americuddles."

All these animals come from North Shore Animal League America and are 100-percent adoptable.

In the history of The Late Show doing this segment, Colbert said, "I am proud to say that we have a perfect, 100-percent adoption rate."

If Holland can't get you to adopt a rescue puppy, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror. Look at that face!

Tom Holland holding a puppy
Credit: CBS

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