Nick Kroll doesn’t think he needs fashion advice from Queer Eye‘s Tan France, but he agreed to be on France’s Netflix web series Dressing Funny to help his good friend and Big Mouth co-creator Andrew Goldberg become more stylish.

The trio took a shopping trip to L.A.’s Fred Segal where they tried on different ensembles as part of fashion challenges designed by Tan to make the guys more comfortable with trends and putting together looks.

“You look like a sexy school boy,” Kroll tells Goldberg after the pair tried on outfits they chose for each other. “I feel like his wife would totally vibe with the sexy school boy look.”

No one was more surprised than Kroll when he asked France what the thought about popped collars. It turns out that even someone who thinks they don’t need any help at all could use a little advice every once in a while.

“I’m curious on your take on popping a collar,” Kroll asked France, who had a very, well, funny and to-the-point response: “You don’t need to pop your collar. Douchebags pop their collars.”

Kroll retorts, “Well, what if I’m a little bit of a douchebag?”

In the end, France left the duo a little more fashionable than when they arrived — even teaching them the importance of wearing the correct underwear — and seemingly achieved his goal of making the creatives more confident about what they wear by forcing them both out of their comfort zones.

Watch the full episode of Dressing Funny above.

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