The host also tries pick-up lines on the singer, who's less than impressed
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

Give them a little bit of tequila, and Seth Meyers and Rihanna turn into giggling high schoolers armed with innuendos.

On Thursday night, the duo teamed up on Late Night for some day drinking as part of a recurring segment on the show. To start things off, Meyers impressively downed a shot and a full beer, while Rihanna gave a valiant effort to match his chugging.

Then, ever the gracious host, Meyers treated Rihanna to a bevy of cocktails named after some of her famous songs, like “Under My Rumbrella,” with rum (duh), chocolate rum balls, a scoop of rum raisin ice cream, and a pile of mini umbrellas.

Next came a drinking game during which Meyers tested if the “Diamonds” songstress remembered where she wore some of her many iconic outfits, including her pope-like ensemble to the Met Gala. And with Rihanna’s impeccable observational skills, she was able to identify that she wore a pink furry jacket outfit to — of all places — the dentist.

Rihanna also sought Meyers’ advice, asking what she should do if she quits music. Meyers said she should be a pilot, and the singer admitted she wanted to be one as a child. Asked why she gave up on piloting, Rihanna replied with a laugh, “When I realized my grades sucked.”

By that point, the duo had devolved into mostly giggling and mumbling, but Rihanna still managed to give some crass-yet-sage advice. “I want to blow my wife away with a romantic night out, what do I do?” Meyers inquired. “You said it,” Rihanna said, repeating the “blow” part. It took Meyers a couple seconds for him to catch up before reminding the singer its a network show.

With Rihanna being the beauty mogul that she is, it was a no-brainer for her to give Meyers a summer eye makeover using her Fenty Beauty line (a shameless plug, but we’ll accept it).

To close out the session, Meyers serenaded Rihanna with his drunken rendition of her songs, including “Work,” complete with White Dad dancing. Finally, Rihanna capped it all off with “shots for the road!”

The host’s previous day drinking buddies have included Ina Garden, Kelly Clarkson, and even Meyers’ own family members. Check out the full video above.

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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5
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