"Why does she keep making that noise?!"


After 10 seasons of making us laugh and cry, it can be hard to pick a favorite quote from Friends.

The iconic, award-winning series featured so many brilliant one-liners over the course of the decade in which it aired, both from the main cast and guest stars. But when Dead to Me star Christina Applegate looks back at her time on the comedy, where she played Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) shallow sister Amy, one line sticks out to her in particular.

“Why does she keep making that noise?!”

It’s one of the most memorable jokes of the show, as Amy refuses to remember that Phoebe’s (Lisa Kudrow) name isn’t Emma (a.k.a. Rachel’s newborn daughter and Amy’s literal own niece) and doesn’t understand why Phoebe keeps saying, “Phoebe!” But Applegate reveals that the line almost didn’t happen.

“That was written as a rewrite in front of the audience,” Applegate told Today.com.

Christina Applegate, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox
Credit: Danny Feld/NBCU Photo Bank

Can you even imagine a world in which we never saw Applegate whispering that to Aniston?! Honestly, that line delivery alone is probably the reason she won her Emmy for her guest appearance.

“It was shocking that I was nominated for the episodes I did because it honestly didn’t feel like work,” Applegate said. “And it didn’t feel like I was doing anything special in any way. I was just having so much fun. I really was in shock when that happened. It was one of those moments of, like, ‘why … what, me?’ Like in Sixteen Candles when she’s like ‘Me?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, you.’ That’s how I felt when they said my name.”

As for where Amy would be now? “Highly successful and childless,” Applegate said. With the way she treated baby Emma, let’s hope so!

Read more of Today‘s interview with Friends guest stars here.

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