By Tim Stack
June 20, 2019 at 10:11 PM EDT

The Fourth of July used to mean fireworks and Will Smith blockbusters. But after this summer, maybe Stranger Things will be the new July 4 pop culture ambassador.

Netflix has released the latest trailer for Stranger Things season 3, featuring even more footage (and a lot of monster snarling) from the eight-episode installment, which debuts on the patriotic holiday.

Season 3 is set during the summer of 1985, with most of the characters on break from school — but of course, not from local creature terror. As seen in the trailer (above), Hawkins, Ind., is once again dealing with a lot of real not-cute monsters.

All is not too bleak: There is a new mall! The Starcourt is a location for a great deal of the action, as evidenced by what appears to be a massive battle with the core cast members. It all looks very Jurassic Park-y, with the cast hiding behind things and looking totally freaked out.

The trailer still only scratches the surface of the top-secret plot, but it does have a lot of creepy teases, like Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) saying, “It’s building something.” There’s also an ominous voice-over that sounds suspiciously like Hopper (David Harbour).

Also, a county fair! Those are ALWAYS bad news!!!

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