It's official: James Corden's Crosswalk theater troupe has come to Paris to totally boggle the French.

Given their new surroundings it was only appropriate to perform Les Misérables — which Corden translates as "Sad Lesbians." It was also appropriate for Corden to take the role of Fantine. Parisian pedestrians didn't feel the same way, unfortunately.

"I'm a Method actor. Everybody knows that," Corden said. "When I take on a role, I have to live the part, breathe the part, become the part. So, when taking on the role of Fantine, a French prostitute, I can tell you right now I made no exception."

If that wink he gave the camera didn't tip you off, The Late Late Show cuts to Corden, dressed in full Fantine attire and flirting with potential Johns coming out of the subway. Then, for his big number, "I Dreamed a Dream," Corden walked down the middle of a bustling street and finished it off with an Anne Hathaway haircutting moment.

You also can't have "Crosswalk the Musical" without his theater troupe passionately performing musical numbers on a street crosswalk before frantically running to the sidewalk as the light turns green — and there's lots of that, too.

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