In honor of 'I Think You Should Leave' being renewed for a second season, EW picks some of the best season 1 sketches.

By Daniel Menegaz
June 19, 2019 at 06:09 PM EDT

Less than two months after its first season debuted on Netflix, the streaming service has renewed Tim Robinson’s sketch show I Think You Should Leave for a second season slated for 2020.

Robinson, who helms the series and also stars in Comedy Central’s Detroiters, co-created Leave with fellow Saturday Night Live alum Zach Kanin. It is produced by The Lonely Island and Irony Point.

The show is comprised of 29 total sketches over six 16 to 18-minute episodes and features guest appearances from Steven Yeun, Andy Samberg, Vanessa Bayer, Will Forte, Fred Willard, and Tim Heidecker.

In honor of I Think You Should Leave‘s renewal, here are some of our favorite season 1 sketches:

“Instagram” (episode 1)
Vanessa Bayer’s enthusiastic, socially incompetent brunch-goer constructs an Instagram caption for the ages.


“Baby Shower” (episode 6)
Robinson somehow manages to come up with the worst (best) possible baby shower goody-bag gifts and expertly exploits them for laughs.


“Gift Receipt” (episode 1)
Steven Yeun guest stars for perhaps the best illustration of the core of Leave’s sense of humor: Taking an awkward, but ultimately innocuous, situation (in this case, a debate over a gift receipt) and turning the absurdity up to 10.


“The Day That Robert Palins Murdered Me” (episode 5)
A country recording session goes off the rails as Robinson improvises the lyrics to the next No. 1 all-time country single: “The Worms are their money / The bones are their… dollars.”

“Focus Group” (episode 3)
You’ll just have to watch this joyous masterpiece for yourself.

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