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There’s more (good) trouble coming to Freeform!

Season 2 of Good Trouble (a spin-off of The Fosters) premieres Tuesday — just a short two and a half months after the first season’s finale aired — and, frankly, it couldn’t have come fast enough as far as we’re concerned.

Last season’s finale left us wondering who Callie (Maia Mitchell) would chose between Gael (Tommy Martinez) and Jamie (Beau Mirchoff), especially after that sexy (fantasy) Tango dance sequence, and if Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) would decide to leave the tech company she works for in a bid to be better respected as a woman in the workplace. And then there was Dennis’ (Josh Pence) heartbreaking downward spiral and a million other conundrums at the Coterie.

Ahead of the season 2 premiere, we chatted with Ramirez to get all the details on inter-office romances, The Fosters guest spots, and upcoming dance numbers.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I can’t believe season 2 is here already! Did you even get some time off?
CIERRA RAMIREZ: [Laughs] Yes, we got some! It does feel really weird coming back so fast, but I’m excited to get my fix!

So where do we pick up? Has much time passed since the finale?
It’s pretty much from the finale. There were such big cliffhangers that we left you on and all these pivotal moments that we’ve been kind of waiting on all season so we’ll definitely get a lot of answers right away in the premiere.

One of those cliffhangers was Mariana’s kiss with her coworker Raj (Dhruv Uday Singh). Where do things go for them this season?
Raj has always been an amazing ally for Mariana and that’s one reason why she’s really attracted to him. He’s her number one supporter and now they’ve kind of gotten together I think that’s going to stir up some trouble for her at work, especially because of what she’s been fighting for. It kind of boils down to what she wants to fight for: Raj or equality? And now she’s got her Fight Club girls so if anyone else finds out they’re just not going to take her seriously. You’ll see how that all unwinds.

Does she continue to lead her female coworkers to try and gain equality for the women at Spekulate?
Yeah, absolutely. Even though they stood up and admitted to posting salaries online, there’s still so much work to do and you’ll see how that all comes into play. Mariana’s at a point right now where it’s like, does she stay at Spekulate and fight for this? But feel uncomfortable with where she works? Or leave and not be able to keep her app. So you’ll see where that all goes — but there’s always work to be done, for sure.

How do things unfold with her boss Evan (TJ Linnard)? Do you think there’s underlying romantic feelings on his part?
I kinda get some vibes for sure, but overall I think that he really respects Mariana and admires her app and wants to help her with that. We’ll dig a little deeper into that this season for sure. He’s one of my favorite characters on the show for sure.

Callie and Mariana’s relationship is so accurate to real sisters; they fall out but always come back together. Is there much drama between them to come this season?
Oh, yeah. I think living with a roommate, regardless of who it is, there comes a time when you butt heads, especially when it’s your sister and they live in such close proximity to each other. One thing I loved is the fact that although it’s a different space, the beds are set up in the exact same layout as it was way in The Fosters. It’s super cute, but that being said, they’ve gone off to college, they’ve had their own spaces and now they’re back to square one. That definitely is going to put some tension on them. Mariana can feel very left out of Callie’s life and feel like she’s not a priority so they’re definitely going to run into some roadblocks this season, one hundred percent.

Speaking of relationships and Callie, does she finally make a decision if she wants to be with Jamie (Mirchoff) or Gael (Martinez) this season? Or is that a season 5 plot point?
I agree with you it could go for a while. But I really like what each one of them brings out of her and they’re both so nice to look at, it is kinda hard to decide!

I was going to say, I wouldn’t wanna be in her shoes, but actually I totally would.
Yeah, right? It is not a bad situation — champagne problems!

The Tango dance between the three of them in the finale was insane. Are there any dance numbers you’re involved with coming up this season?
I don’t have any, but there is so more dancing that’ll you be able to see. It was so fun.

Are there more characters from The Fosters popping up this season?
Yes, family members will come back. It was so nice last season having them and they did a really good job with bringing everyone in at the right time, so we’d get that advice from each family member that was needed at that time. It’s kind of a scary thing doing a spinoff. The expectations are high, but thankfully the reaction has been really, really wonderful and it’s nice to even meet some fans that say, “I love Good Trouble even though I never watched The Fosters but I’m going to start.” It’s kind of crazy to think there’s a new generation of viewers and also some die-hard Fosters fans as well.

What about new characters coming in this season to cause trouble?
There’s definitely new characters and you will also get a little deeper into each Coterie member’s life which is awesome to see. There’s lots of new storylines, lots of new trouble coming. It’s super parallel with the idea of The Fosters: a bunch of people who aren’t necessarily bonded by blood but they do essentially create their own family at the Coterie. They all have their own separate lives, but they all come back together and experience it together too.

Do you have an episode this season you’re especially excited about?
It’s so funny, I get a new script at least once a week and I’m like, Oh, no wait, this was my favorite. I don’t necessarily have a favorite episode this season just because I think they’re all so great in their own way, but I’m really excited for the Dennis and Davia (Emma Hunton) storyline — I really love their friendship and relationship, and it’s just going to move you in every episode.

The show is very socially conscious; it seems to tap on a new and relevant issue every week. Is that part of the appeal of being on a series like this?
Absolutely. I think it is a pretty political show, but I think they do it in such a great way that there isn’t an agenda; they’re not forcing it down your throat. It’s very educational as well. I learn a lot from it, but also it’s through entertainment. They do a good job of showing both sides and all opinions, especially with Judge Wilson having opposite views. I really love this show because it’s so current and relatable and I’m really happy to be part of it. And we also have so much fun. You have no idea. We probably annoy the crew so much because we’re laughing the entire time. They’ve all been so amazing to work with since day one. We’re really, really lucky.

Good Trouble returns Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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