The pair will go head-to-head performing driving stunts like the "Wall of Death" in a new Quibi show.
Idris Elba; Ken Block
Credit: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images; Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Another day, another show announcement from the upcoming mobile-first streaming platform Quibi—this time starring Idris Elba.

The Luther actor is going up against professional rally car driver Ken Block, known for his viral Gymkhana video series, in a new stunt show titled Elba vs. Block.

Each episode will see Elba and Block go head-to-head pitting a variety of cars against each other in a series of increasingly outrageous stunts to prove which car — and more importantly which driver — is the best.

Some of the eight stunts planned include “Wall of Death,” the “Car Tightrope,” and the “Flaming Obstacle Course.” The stunts will be filmed at London’s Docklands over eight episodes.

While they are in competition on the show, both Elba and Block have a deep admiration for each other. Elba calls Block his “driving hero,” and Block says Elba “has a reputation as a man who likes to go fast behind the wheel of a car,” meaning they’ll “have a lot of fun” with the challenges the producers throw at them.

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