Forget the Friends couch: the Warner Bros. Studio Tour will soon offer a much cooler place to rest your bum.

Beginning June 28, fans who visit the famed Burbank lot will get to experience the set of The Big Bang Theory up close and personal. That includes the chance to literally step into apartment 4A, the original living space of Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki). That’s the home of the infamous leather couch, where Sheldon routinely called dibs at the one end. Yep, you can sit and take selfies!

The Change Constant/The Stockholm Syndrome
Credit: Michael Yarish/CBS

There will also be photo ops in the foyer between apartments 4A and 4B, where visitors will be able to recreate Sheldon’s signature knock. The Big Bang section of the tour will be topped off with the CalTech Physics Lab Cafeteria where Leonard, Sheldon, Howard (Simon Helberg), and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) had lunch. Costumes from the show will be on display as well.

“For 12 seasons and 279 episodes, the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory found their home away from home on these sets on Stage 25,” said co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre in a statement. “We’re thrilled that Apartment 4A and other Big Bang locales will remind visitors of all the laughter that took place on our show.”

The Warner Bros Studio Tour also includes sets and artifacts from Friends, Batman, Shameless, Casablanca, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, among others.

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