Justina Machado will be bringing her Queen of the South character, Brenda, back from the dead for the show’s fourth season — well, sort of.

Brenda is not a zombie! She’ll be resurrecting the popular character as part of a flashback scene in the show’s second episode titled, “El Colgado” airing on Thursday at 10 p.m. In it, she’ll be celebrating her baby shower with the help of a crowd of female friends including her bestie Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga).

In the exclusive clip above, Brenda is surrounded by a group of friends while playing a traditional baby shower game where guests taste a variety of baby food jars where the taster must guess what she just ingested. Brenda isn’t amused by whatever she just ate, so she chases it with a shot of tequila.

During a quick announcement afterward, Brenda lets slip a hint that she and her husband, Chino (Jean Paul San Pedro), are expecting a son. Teresa caught it and questioned Brenda about the sex of her baby.

“No. I mean, I don’t know. I told you Chino is making us wait,” Brenda tells Teresa before exclaiming, “Okay, no more baby talk. Let’s get this party started!”

Brenda does welcome a son, Tony (Adolfo Alvarez), who is left an orphan after both his parents are murdered for their roles in the drug trade during the show’s freshman season. And it was Teresa who was tasked with breaking the news to Tony about his mother’s demise.

“Teresa and Brenda have a deep bond and love for each other,” Machado tells EW exclusively. “I love their friendship and I love them together.”

Even though their friendship was cut short, the lessons Teresa learned from their time together are endless. Most importantly, is the duty the queenpin feels for Tony, who reached out to her during the show’s season 4 premiere when he thinks someone is trying to kill him.

“We were so excited Justina was game to come back to Queen of the South,” co-executive producer Dailyn Rodriguez says. “She’s such a talented actress and such a joy on the set. The character of Brenda brings so much levity to the show and her relationship with Teresa is a special one. We can’t wait for the audience to watch her scenes this season.”

Fans of the series can expect a lot than just a fun baby shower flashback from Brenda. That tight friendship was meaningful and rare for Mendoza, and will certainly serve a large purpose in Teresa’s life as she begins her rule in New Orleans.

“Justina Machado is a beloved member of the Queen of the South family,” co-executive producer Benjamin Lobato adds. “It was an honor and privilege to bring her back into the fold for season four. Her scenes this season will bring laughter, tears and new revelations into her character and relationship with Teresa.”

Queen of the South airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on USA Network. Below are three exclusive photos from the episode:

Queen of the South - Season 4
Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network
Queen of the South - Season 4
Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network
Queen of the South - Season 4
Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network

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