Comedienne Tig Notaro, the co-creator and star of One Mississippi, has a new talk show that’s both hilarious and sure to humble all of her celebrity guests.

Under a Rock, from the folks at Funny or Die, sees Notaro interviewing well-known celebs in the hopes of figuring out who they are. The premiere episode (available to watch above) features Dawson’s Creek hottie-with-a-body James Van Der Beek and he tries his hardest to help Notaro figure out his identity… or just his name.

Notaro knew about the Dawson’s Creek crying meme, but had no idea what it was from. She knew Van Der Beek once needed a security escort to deal with crazed fans, but she had to ask, “Are you a superhero?” To some, he definitely is, but not in the traditional actor-in-a-superhero-movie sense, no.

Under A Rock with Tig Notaro
Credit: Funny or Die

The best part came, beginning at the 3:30 mark, when the actor, 42, showed Notaro visual clues to help guess his name. Even after guessing “creek” and “Van Der Beek,” she needed more help guessing his first name.

The true extent of Notaro’s pop culture knowledge jumps out when she finally figures out who her guest is and reads a formal introduction off a cue card: she mistakes “Dawson” for “Darson” and mistakes Van Der Beek’s role on FX’s Pose for a role on FX’s “posse.”

For the next five weeks, episodes of Under a Rock with Tig Notaro will see its host sit down with five more celebrities to do the same thing that she did with Van Der Beek. Being that this isn’t The Tonight Show and Notaro doesn’t have a band to back her up, Amazon’s Alexa is there to offer a drumroll when needed.

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